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David Chalkho

Founder / Design Director

David has studied Industrial Design at Jerusalem´s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. During his first years working as a designer he acquired vast experience in the design and development of consumer products for the thriving innovation ecosystem of Israel. He has won numerous awards for his work, like the LG Design Award, the American Israel Foundation Award and the INNOVAR Award, from the Ministry of Science in Argentina. David is passionate about designing simple solution to great challenges.

Victor Bondone

Applied Engineering

Victor possesses an abiding capability of solving major engineering projects. Before joining CD, he worked on the design of mass consumption products as well as the engineering of automated storage systems. This valuable experience has been applied by Victor in every project he has worked on, where costs, inventiveness and practicality are alway thoroughly taken into account. His expertice goes from comprhensive product engineering to the design and supervision of assembly lines.


Foto Jazmin

Jazmín Gimenez Chalkho

Designer / Motion graphics / Model maker

Jazmín has studied Multimedia Arts at the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Buenos Aires. She is an outstanding 2D animator, illustrator and model maker, always open to new ideas and to learning new techniques that take her work to the next level. Jazmín tackles every project with enthusiasm and completes each task with a high level of detail. Jazmín’s work has been instrumental in the success of projects for INVAP. SE, the Inter-American Development Bank, and NASA.


Felipe Picture

Felipe Chalkho

Graphic Design / Virtual presentations

Felipe is currently attending Buenos Aires University to obtain a five-year-course degree in Graphic Design. He is a former student of ORT School, where he majored in IT, and where he specialized in the design and development of mobile and web applications. Felipe adds value to the studio productions with his animations, hyperrealistic renders, usability simulations, and his project infographics.

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